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Blake Shelton Is Growing A 'Quarantine Mullet' As A 'Symbol Of Hope'—And Gwen Stefani Just Took It To The Next Level

Blake Shelton Is Growing A 'Quarantine Mullet' As A 'Symbol Of Hope'—And Gwen Stefani Just Took It To The Next Level
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

We're all dealing with this viral pandemic in our own ways. Non-essential businesses have closed, people are working from home when possible, and many local governments have issued orders to stay home.

But you can only be isolated for so long without finding something interesting to do with your time. Which is the only explanation I can think of for why Blake Shelton decided to re-grow his 90s mullet.

Luckily, or maybe not so luckily, it looks like his "Quarantine Mullet" won't be quite the same as we remember.

Earlier this month, Shelton revealed he was going to spend the quarantine period growing out his iconic mullet. With everything being canceled, he figured his old hairdo would be a "symbol of hope or some s**t like that."

I've heard of worse things you can do when everyone else is trying to avoid physical contact.

A little over a week later, and we get word of Gwen Stefani's 21st Century mullet update.

And people are kind of here for it.

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you. I'm not a fan, but Shelton is obviously having fun with this and plenty of people are laughing along.

However, not everyone is so good-natured about the situation.

It doesn't matter. Shelton and Stefani know how to keep themselves entertained during this pandemic.

Here's the real question though: Do you think Blake Shelton is secretly collecting tigers in a personal exotic animal park?

Whatever you decide to do during the quarantine, make sure you're having fun, and make sure you're safe.

But also, and this might be niche advice, maybe reconsider letting your pop star girlfriend style your hair.

Or don't. You do you.

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