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GOP Lawmaker Dragged After Tweet Makes It Seem Like He's Mad Fentanyl Delivery Was Seized At Border

GOP Lawmaker Dragged After Tweet Makes It Seem Like He's Mad Fentanyl Delivery Was Seized At Border
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Republican Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona recently attempted to expose the lack of protection at the Mexico-US Border under President Joe Biden.

But the GOP Representative's attempt at humiliating the current administration inadvertently highlighted their accomplishments.

It all began with a tweet from the Arizona representative, asking "where's the outrage in the media?" after US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) intercepted a considerable amount of Fentanyl at the US' southern border.

The majority of responses to his tweet were likely not what he expected.

Many took to Twitter questioning why there should be "outage" the CBP intercepted enough of the highly addictive drug, which, as Biggs' put it, could have killed "238 Million Americans."

Many took the Biggs' tweet as a prime opportunity to point out it was confusing anyone should be "outraged" the CBP was successful in their jobs, even questioning where The Republican Representative's loyalties lie.

Biggs made an attempt at damage control, condemning those who came out to mock him on social media, claiming the meaning of his initial tweet was misinterpreted.

But, his continued effort to call out the poor job CBP is doing under President Biden's watch once again backfired on him.

People were still confused why CBP preventing a deadly influx of Fentanyl while "dealing with a humanitarian crisis" is not, in fact, an accomplishment.

Others called out the fact his attempt to clear things up only exacerbated his unintended praise in his initial tweet.

And of course, there were those who took it as a chance to poke fun at Biden's predecessor in the White House, as well as his family.

It might be in the Biden administration's interest to try and lure Biggs on to their press team, as he may have given them more positive press in the last week than anyone.