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Conspiracy Theorists Lose Their Minds After Biden's Hand 'Floats Through' Reporter's Boom Mic


Conspiracy theorists had a field day on Wednesday, March 17, when a trick of depth perception made it appear President Joe Biden's hand drifted in front of a microphone as if he were in front of a green screen.

Far-right conspiracy theorists went absolutely wild over the video, insisting it was proof of all sorts of outlandish ideas.

Of course, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for the strange shot, which many were quick to point out on Twitter.

As far as conspiracy theories go, this was a pretty easy one to debunk.

But as quickly as some Twitter users tried to throw down logic, others spewed yet more insanity.

Sadly, for those who hoped President Biden was some sort of superhero, it seems he's just as mortal as the rest of us—unable to phase through microphones.