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Pro-Trump Texas Candidate Claims Victory Despite The Election Not Even Having Happened Yet

Pro-Trump Texas Candidate Claims Victory Despite The Election Not Even Having Happened Yet

Bianca Garcia—a Republican and President of Latinos for Trump who is running for a seat in the Texas state legislature—already declared victory.

There's just one major problem.

The election hasn't happened yet.

But that didn't stop Garcia from making the claim, saying she has "conquered it [the election] already."

You can hear what the Texas Republican said in the video below.

Garcia said her decision to run in the election pits her against "the establishment," including the powers that be on the Republican National Committee (RNC):

"I've been doing what I'm doing but now it's actually time to fight for Texas, okay?"
"And in my district, the Senate seat came open–it's Texas Senate District 11–it came open and I'm really going to be up against the establishment and the RNC itself."

Then she prematurely declared victory in an election that has yet to take place before criticizing COVID-19 restrictions:

"But hey, I have conquered it already."
"It is mine, I'm claiming the victory, and I'm running on faith, family, and freedoms, so my message is to all of those corrupt politicians that put us through what you've put us through in the last two years and plus: You will never come against our faith again."
"You will never go after the pastors, you will never silence our church, you will never come after our families, you will never shut down our businesses and mandate things against us."
"You will never take our freedoms away and that's what I'm fighting for."

If these words sound familiar, it's because they mirror the growing undemocratic movement in the United States that has seen its notoriety grow in the months since the January 6 insurrection when a mob of former Republican President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the United States Capitol on the false premise the 2020 general election had been stolen.

What began as a "Stop the Steal" rally featuring Trump himself calling on his followers to march on the Capitol to send Congress and his own Vice President a message, culminated in death, hundreds of injuries, assaults on law enforcement and millions of dollars in damages at a federal facility.

Trump has continued to spread lies about his election loss and many politicians, including establishment Republicans and up-and-comers, have thrown themselves behind these falsehoods, alleging the voting process is rife with fraud and abuse.

None have produced any evidence.

Garcia's statements raised eyebrows on social media, with many pointing out her statements should compel state officials to watch vote counts closely once the actual day of the election arrives.

Garcia has also previously made headlines for her refusal to abide by COVID-19 restrictions. She has insisted she has a "breathing problem" that inhibits her from wearing masks.

She has also claimed there was “fear mongering” about the virus while continuing to push falsehoods about COVID-19's "99.9 percent survival rate."