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Trump Supporter Dragged For Tweet Complaining About Supermarket In Socialist Cuba

Trump Supporter Dragged For Tweet Complaining About Supermarket In Socialist Cuba

Benny Johnson, a Trump supporter and chief creative officer of conservative activist Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA, recently traveled to Cuba.

While there, he went to a local supermarket and took pictures of the shelves, which were stocked with single brands of each product.

Disgusted by this for some reason, Johnson wrote:

"I just returned from Cuba. What would your supermarket would look like on socialism? This is the fanciest 'supermarket' in Havana."
"Notice anything odd? Aisles are filled with goods having NO VARIETY AT ALL. No competition No choice No hope."

For Johnson, having only one brand to choose from was akin to a catastrophe.

But many were quick to point out the "dystopia" he was trying to scare Americans with wasn't actually so bad.

There are more important things than brand healthcare maybe?

Having only one brand won't be so bad if it means the planet survives.

Choosing between JIF and Skippy Peanut Butter isn't an important moment for most people.

What is freedom to Johnson?

Different kinds of 'things' to buy!

Choosing which cereal to buy shouldn't be how people express their individuality.

It's also worth noting that Cuba's communist government is not what politicians like AOC and Bernie Sanders (both of whom Johnson called out in his tweet) have in mind for America. The Cuban government has put itself at odds with most of the world, resulting in embargoes which have greatly reduced the amount of imported goods that would add Johnson's beloved variety.

Other countries who adopt "socialist" policies like medicare-for-all look very little like Cuba.

It's also important to remember how little choice Americans actually have at the end of the day.

The libs were 100% officially OWNED.

As is often the case in these arguments, a lot of important context was ignored by Johnson.

Please pray for Benny Johnson, who's stranded in Cuba without access to 19 of his favorite 20 brands of bread!


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