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There's A Province In Turkey Called Batman—And The Internet Just Has One Simple Request 🙏

Google Maps, Jack Taylor/Getty Images

There is a real-life province in Turkey named Batman, and some people from other parts of the world think they need to change.

Yes, Batman is a city in Turkey whose population is estimated to be around 500,000. The town was called Iluh until the 1940s when oil was discovered in the area. It was renamed Batman in 1957 after a nearby river - a tributary of the Tigris.

The river earned its name from an ancient Turkish unit of measure.

Unfortunately for eager fans, Batman, Turkey and the superhero only share a name. But two weeks ago, Kemal Atakan Kırca started a petition on to narrow the divide between the two Batmans.

He wants their map to go from this.

Batman, TurkeyGoogle Maps

To this.

proposed map of Batman,

As of today, Kirca has rallied over 22,000 signatures and he is well on his way toward his 25,000 signature goal.

The Internet is ready to update their maps.

"Why not?? #batman #turkey I already signed it. 😀"

Oh, and the city also has a University. Yes, that's right. Batman University.

Alma mater goals!

You can sign the Batman petition here.

Governor of Batman: Petition To Change Batman Province Border

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