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Baseball Player Distracted By Fan's Nachos After Catching Ball Mid-Game

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A Cincinnati Reds outfielder offered some comic relief at a Major League Baseball game by showing major interest in a fan's snack, and I can't blame him.

Jesse Winker had just completed a textbook catch against the Atlanta Braves at the Great American Ball Park when he noticed a plate of nachos in the vicinity. And, let me tell you... they looked good!

Cue some genuine interest from the fielder, before he eventually turned the food down.

“Able to get there is Jesse, and he's gonna have a little nacho," said the commentator.

Fans enjoyed the relatable nature of Winker's brief distraction.

Meanwhile, others questioned the risk involved in getting so close to the catch with a plate full of food.

The Reds went on to win 4-2, and remain bottom of the NL Central division. But, it's all truly about the nachos.

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