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The 'Black Mirror' Creator Lets All The 'Bandersnatch' Haters Have It With Epic Response

The 'Black Mirror' Creator Lets All The 'Bandersnatch' Haters Have It With Epic Response
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The choose-your-own-adventure episode of Black Mirror has been out for awhile now, and people are finally admitting that it was not for them. However, the creator of the techno-paranoia series honestly doesn't give AF about what the haters are saying.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch debuted on Netflix just before the new year and immediately blew people's minds.

The project was an experiment with a choose-your-own-adventure/interactive style streaming experience.

In the special episode, viewers are prompted to make decisions on behalf of the main character, Stefan (played by Fionn Whitehead).

Huffington Post recently sat down with Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones to discuss the criticism that the episode has received.

When discussing the viewers who did not want to make decisions, Brooker did not mince words.

"...well fuck off, then. Do something else!"

Brooker also had something to say to those who felt that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch did not achieve anything that games have not already mastered.

"[W]ell this isn't on a gaming platform, it's on Netflix. I'm well aware of what a computer game is, thanks."

Finally, to those who were hoping that Stefan would (spoiler alert) have the option for a happy ending, Brooker said.

"Have they seen 'Black Mirror'?"

He went on to say,

"But we didn't want to do an ending where you get that and he's happy, because that would be the most fucking boring ending there is"

People are living for the creator's savage honesty.

"Crying with the commentary @charltonbrooker on "Bandersnatch". On second thought, the only "happy" end of the episode is accepting the job vacancy at Tuckersoft. 🤣"

But mostly, people want to assure him that they loved the experimental episode.

Charlie Brooker also served as the writer of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.