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Baby Goes Viral After Gleefully Stealing Her Mom's Phone While She's Trying To Do A TikTok Dance


TikTok dance challenges are a dime a dozen, but one baby aced the competition in a viral video.

TikTok enthusiast @kalynnbrianna is a mother who tried to film herself with a friend performing a routine as a duo set to a Loren Gray track.

But the dance clip was over before it started when her little daughter made herself the star of the show by hijacking the attempt.

@kalynnbrianna we were just trying to be great ##fyp
♬ original sound - Loren gray

The adorable toddler snatched mama's phone as it was recording in selfie-mode, and the approximate 10-second pursuit that followed was all caught on camera.

People commented on the baby's speed and agility.






In just two days, the TikTok clip amassed 800,000 views, and its popularity spilled over into Twitter where it gained another 6 millions views in 24 hours.

This little starlet is on a fast track to becoming an internet legend.

It's not surprising, since @kalynnbrianna proclaimed in her bio that:

"Basically all videos are with my daughter, she's the star of the show."

The phone may have been retrieved by its rightful owner, but the adorable little thief is continuing to steal hearts on Twitter.

We look forward to seeing more of her infectious charisma in future videos.