When it comes to saving a life, especially that of an infant, going out in the style is the last thing on anyone's mind.

If there is a fire blazing in a hospital, neonatal staff members must do everything they can to protect their young patients and themselves.

To facilitate this, there is something called "baby evacuation vests."

Sara knows a good costume when she sees one.

She is a union member for the United Scenic Artists of America Local 829. In other words, she works in the theater and has seen a wide range of looks come and go on stage.

However, the picture she shared on Twitter is not a costume. She had only one word in response to the baby evacuation vest: "dude."

What else is there to say?

The shared screenshot was taken from someone who works at a children's hospital.

"natrasharomanova" said:

"As per hospital regulations, all employees have to go through regular fire safety training. most of it is pretty standard. And then there's the Baby Vest."
"It fits six babies. And in the event of a fire we're literally supposed to just put it on, fill it with babies, and then evacuate the building."

The "Safe Babies" vest is part of a line offered through Advanced Egress Solutions that efficiently allows immobile patients and infants to be transported safely during an emergency.

This flame-retardant apron accommodates six babies. All the nurse has to do is fill the apron to capacity, put it on, and walk out the door and have free hands to tend to other tasks if necessary.

It's a look. But it's also practical.

We're grateful for them for the wrong reason because they are tickling Twitter's funny bone.

Based on the picture, some users had genuine concerns in regards to how safe it is for the babies in transit.

A reality check.

Who knew it's a multi-purpose vest?

Is there an instruction manual?

Because, there are questions.

It turns out that The Simpsons had this company beat.

Safety will always come first, no matter how absurd it may look.

The babies' lives depend on it.

The book The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety and Healthy Living, available here, can help with home safety.

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