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Angry Parent Confronts Guy Who Wouldn't Let Their Kid Play With His Gun In Upsetting Exchange

Angry Parent Confronts Guy Who Wouldn't Let Their Kid Play With His Gun In Upsetting Exchange

Though America most definitely has a gun problem, most gun owners are law-abiding citizens who understand the responsibility that comes with carrying a weapon.

Reddit user King_B_Man122 is one such person.

Unfortunately, at a park, he encountered a stranger who didn't share his wisdom and the exchange was cringey enough to go viral on the subreddit r/EntitledParents.

King_B_Man122 wrote:

"My story is nothing special compared to others probably because I'm an a**hole and don't fold to anyone."
"me - probably jesus you never know; gf - girl fierri; EM - some dumbas**who doesn't respect firearms; ck - adorable kid who was just curious; mk - my kid the cutest kid in the world (I'm the future step father if your curious)"
"english is my only language but I'm an idiot so please chastise me because i can't spell and this formatting bullsh*t escapes me"

Once the scene was set, he dove into the good part:

"I am at the park with my daughter and girlfriend helping her play on the slide as ck is running around with strangers kid playing with a fake gun and finger guns, now i am trying to make it a personal habit to always carry my gun with me where ever i go, i fully conceal it as much as possible but im guessing when i reached up to put my baby girl on the slide it must have revealed it cause next thing i know i feel a tug at my shirt where my gun is so i quickly turn around and it goes as follows"
"me : what's up little buddy
ck : let me see your gun we are playing cowboys and he doesn't have one (points to friend)
me : no no sorry pal no one can have this but me its dangerous
ck : (looks angry pretends to shoot me and runs off)"

But the story didn't end there...

"over? i hoped but no, soon i hear a ahem"
"me : what
Em : why can't my kid play with your toy
me : what toy
Em : the toy gun on your hip
me : um no sorry this is a real gun and its dangerous ( proceeds to check to make sure its still hidden under shirt (it is))
Em : so just take the bullets out and let him play with it"

"Me : how bout you f*** off?
Em : (baffeled look) well i never what's the harm of him playing with it if its unloaded
me : I'm sure you haven't, and because loaded or not I'm not letting a child play with a f***ing gun you halfwit, don't you have someone else's business to mind
Em : im going to call the police because you have a gun at a park
me : go right the f*** ahead its a public place
Em : (huffs and storms off not to be heard from)"

There's nothing like a jerk to ruin your good mood.

"was an annoying encounter that put a damper on my already sour day"
"edit this takes place in america, ages me - 23 gf - 22 mk - 2 ck - maybe like 5-7 was short but seemed competent Em - looked alittle older than me so maby like 25"

Snownovaknows how dangerous all guns can be:

"Children die every year in the USA because they play with guns their parents think are unloaded."

dnddude333 knows the proper way to handle the situation:

"Even when you know it's unloaded, treat it like it's loaded"

Wanderingwolf8 wrote about how respect for firearms must be instilled from an early age:

"They use to have classes in school on gun safety. My grandfather even carried his little 22 rifle with him to class and put it in his cubby. People had enough knowledge and respect of guns not to mess with it."

FriendlyDisorder wrote out the rules in no uncertain terms:

"Rule 1 of gun safety: Treat all guns as always loaded."
"Rule 2: Do not point a gun at something you do not want to destroy."
"Rule 3: Do not put your finger on the trigger until you are going to fire"
"Rule 4: Be sure target area is clear"

OtherPlayers added something important:

"I like to add: Rule 5: Be aware of what is behind your target."
"Because it covers both the idea that you don't want to hit someone if you miss, and you don't want to miss and have the bullet ricochet right back at you."

thecatking12 thinks OP dealt with the stranger perfectly:

"you handled that well, i applaud you"

aneye123 was honestly surprised the conflict ended where it did:

"Im surprised she didn't try to grab it and run"

1helluvabutlah is comfortable with guns, but knows he should never be TOO comfortable:

"My dad never hid his guns so it wasn't some 'mystery' but they were always in a safe place away from our reach as kids. When we were old enough he taught us how and why to use them but we already knew the rules."
"Too many people see a gun as taboo. It's a tool, not a toy, and definitely not a magic wand to get revenge."

Hopefully this is the last time King_B_Man122 encounters a parent who wants their child playing with a real gun.

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