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People Share What They're Unequivocally Not Sorry About

Baby I'm sorry... I'm NOT sorry!

People Share What They're Unequivocally Not Sorry About

Most life coaches and gurus will tell you that life's ultimate power lies in the word.... "NO!" Sometimes saying no, speaking the truth -no matter how difficult- and not backing down will save the most misery and heartache. And when the dust settles it's imperative for us to stand our ground and not be sorry. Not if you weren't in the wrong. Demi sings it best.... "Baby I'm Sorry, I'm not Sorry!"

Redditor u/MrMazme was wondering what things in life some people will not back down about by asking.... What are you not sorry about?

Watch your Step!


In Elementary School, a kid named Patrick was my bully and he'd do crap like "accidentally" bump into me and spill my lunch and step on the backs of my shoes. So one day, he was coming out of the cafeteria and I stuck my leg out and watched him trip face forward into the ground. We both got sent to the Principal's Office, and he got whatever the Elementary School version of an In-School Suspension was for his repetitive bullying while I got a slap on the wrist. Absolutely not sorry. HallownestSurvivor

Community Property.... 

Eating the snacks that my wife has forgotten about. alexredekop

We call it the three day rule. dlordjr

Trim the Fat....


Cutting out my dad's side of the family from my life.

They made my life a living hell while I was growing up. I was the youngest of the cousins so I would regularly get beat up or locked in rooms (my dad worked nights). They would smash furniture and TVs then blame me. As a young adult all they did was cause more drama by still break things in my dad's apartment, or try to start physical fights.

I've had so many fist fights with my cousin from defending my property to protecting my cat (no one messes with my kitty). Once I moved out of my dad's I cut all contact with them. I maybe see them once a year when my dad tricks me into seeing them (he has the mentality of always forgive family). They know nothing of my adult life and I know nothing of theirs and I'm going to keep it that way. sk8erguysk8er

Now you see me... 

Sneaking pictures of my aunt into her fathers funeral slideshow behind her sisters back. The two never got along and one sister was in charge of the funeral. She was adamant about leaving out any photo with her sister in it. My aunt (the victim in this case) was very close with her father. So I lied to my other aunt that the slideshow was done and I downloaded a secret folder of pictures onto the slideshow.

She's so bad with technology that she didn't notice. Not sorry. My other aunt gave me a teary hug after the funeral and thanked me, she knew I had been the one to slip them in. She died last month of a sudden aneurism. I'd do it again, even if my other aunt never talked to me again. I sure miss her. batdog15

Back Off my booty!

Slowing down when someone is tailing me.

I only do this in the slow lane, I typically move if I'm in the fast lane. squeeeeenis

ME First!


I'm not sorry for focusing on me and my needs. I used to be so concerned with taking care of all my friends and family to the point that I was I was sacrificing my needs for a lot of people who would not do the same for me. I've learned to cut toxic people out of my life and focus on my true close friends and family rather than trying to care for everyone. Being liked by everyone used to be so important to me and honestly it's so exhausting. I'm not sorry if people don't like me anymore. It's impossible to make everyone happy. As long as you're not being a complete @sshole, you need to take your needs into consideration as well. michmichmich777

Do What I Must! 

Making a post on Facebook telling everyone of my friends and family that they are scum if they are taking their kids around not only a convicted child molester, but continuing to allow him around their kids after he molested me for 5 years.

I caused a huge rift in my family but I'm still not sorry cause I'm not the dumba** allowing my kids to be molested. It's sad I have to air the dirty laundry but I'd rather protect the kids and maybe cause my cousins to think then not say anything and let it happen to their babies. WhitestTrash

Define "Right?"

My aunt was about to get married to this one rich scumbag who apparently treated her "right." My brother and I did some investigating over the fact that he had lots and I mean LOTS of female friends. A lot of stuff went on, but in the end, we found out who he was a sleeping with and is a sugardaddy to some one them. It was just three days before the actual wedding that we found out. Told our aunt about it, wedding was cancelled, aunt was upset to us as well for some reason, and we regret nothing. chimken_nuggerss

Don't Mess with the Dress!


Not inviting my needy aunt to go wedding dress shopping with me. She's begged me already and has been dropping hints for months, but I'm not budging.

This is the one time in my life that something really is only about me, and I'm not going to deal with her drama that day.

I meant that the wedding dress shopping is only about me, not the wedding.SassiestPants

The Rainbow Bridge Resting Place...

Creating a small "pet cemetery" in our parents' back yard, despite my father forbidding it.

It felt like the right thing to do - no regrets. Back2Bach

Yes to Plums... 

Eating the plums from the icebox. They were delicious. So sweet, and so cold. snappyhome

This is just to say that this is my favorite answer. IAmScience

Mom is a mess...


Cutting off contact with my narcissistic mother. Phonophobia

Same here and I'm suck of people telling me that I should patch things up because "she's your Mother" no, she's a d**khead. bangsforcoffee

You had ONE job! 

I'm normally a big tipper as I worked in the industry a long time but last week I left zero tip for my server that did a horrible job. ableseacat14

I used to be strict 20% cause it used to be that most people were good servers. Recently it seems people have started to do a poor job, not checking up, not refilling, forgetting to bring things, so I've started actually tipping what i feel like. poilsoup2

The Struggle is Real... 

Telling the parents of a special needs child (think similar to Down's Syndrome) that their daughter was struggling a lot with normal schooling (even with her IEP and own lesson plans) and she would be better off in a special needs school sooner rather than later. They said to be honest with them and I was. pajamakitten

Cut. Her. Off.


I love my daughter to death, but at 25, I had to cut her off financially.

I support everything she is passionate about, but if your passion is working for non-profits and wilderness retreats, maybe you should adjust your lifestyle so you can afford your bills. TacosSmachos

Don't Yell about $$$

I refused to give money to charity. Okay, but hear me out on this. There was a lady who was claiming to represent a charity, but acted really shady. This was at a concert in a cafe/bar. She had a clipboard and was approaching people by saying "I'm taking donations for (whatever charity). Just write down whether you're giving $5, $10, or $20." She didn't ask if you'd donate, just told you to choose how much you were giving her.

I told her I prefer giving to charities I've researched, because some of them only spend a low percentage of donation money on the cause (Susan B. Komen ಠ_ಠ ). The lady got angry and raised her voice at me. She tried shaming and bullying me into giving her money, and we seriously fought about it.

Eventually she turned to my friend and started pressuring him lol. He said "Yeah my friend said..." and she stormed off. You have to trust me, there was something off about her. Plus, she waited until people were buzzed at a concert before approaching to tell them to give her money. Delica

Sorry. Not Sorry. 

Overusing the word sorry. Swirlybread

I've seen that saying thank you instead of sorry makes the interaction more positive. "Thank you for waiting" instead of "Sorry I'm late." eusticebahhh

Get off my Lawn!


Yelling at the people who ignore the "no soliciting" sign on my front door and knock anyway. The sign is for your protection, not mine. Sveenee


Getting my vasectomy. RepresentativeDingo5


Speak Now. 

Not sorry that I went to my superiors because I was having problems with a coworkers behavior towards me. She got threatened with being fired so she's not a huge b**ch anymore. Makes me feel good that I made my life that much easier. Addicted_To_Spanking


Who else has a stance they ain't backing down from?