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Guy Sits On Train Seat Only To Realize Someone Stuck A Bunch Of Sewing Needles Into It 😮

Getty Images: MirageC

Call an investigator, because there's an outright caper going on in Melbourne, Australia and it centers on the most unlikely of objects: sewing needles

Specifically, someone has been embedding them into the seats of Melbourne's trains.


Who on Earth knows, but one commuter got a rather rude awakening when he sat down for his commute recently. Anthony Artusa was going about his usual morning routine on the Watergardens trains line in Melbourne this past Tuesday, when suddenly he felt a giant prickle on his leg.

At first he assumed it was something in his pocket, but no dice. So he investigated the seat, and found some 20 sewing needles, pointy side up, sticking out of the upholstery.


So was this a deliberate move? Speaking to reporters, Artusa laughed and stated the obvious: "Pretty lucky if all the needles sort of fell in the seat!"

So I hear you asking:

Fair enough! Well, it turns out Australia is having a bit of a problem with needles turning up in things! This newest incident comes on the heels of a rash of needle attacks in a far more dangerous spot: the food supply. Last fall, there were a spate of incidents of sewing needles being inserted into strawberries in Australian grocery stores that left one person hospitalized. A needle-contaminated apple and banana were found as well, and most recently in some grapes.

On social media, people were definitely in an OMG WTF sort of mood about this... bizarre phenomenon:

Given this bizarre obsession someone seems to have with needles, police are taking Artusa's prickly incident very seriously, launching an investigation and seeking further witness to try to piece together what is going on ere.

Seriously, enough with the needles Aussies!


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