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These Theories About That White Horse On 'Game Of Thrones' Range From Plausible To Straight Up Bizarre

*Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!


The penultimate episode of HBO's mega-series Game of Thrones was pretty bonkers from start to finish. After what felt like a never-ending sea of violence brought down upon King's Landing by none other than Dany Targaryen, the city lay in silence.

Among the rubble and burned bodies, one survivor managed to walk away from the death: Arya Stark, savior of the battle of Winterfell. As she surveyed the work of her new dragon queen, she spied a white horse standing calmly amongst the ashes.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Arya climbed aboard and rode off.

Meanwhile, fans everywhere were trying to decipher the meaning of the horse...could it have a greater significance within the world of GoT?

Many people thought the "pale mare" might be a biblical reference.

Most people agreed that the arrival of the horse was pretty bad news for any Targaryens who might have gone on a murder rampage recently.

Others tried to figure out the horse's origins:

Could Bran have finally done something useful?

Some people thought ole' decapitated Ned Stark may have had a hand in this:

On Twitter, there's no limit to how crazy your fan theory can be.

Meanwhile, many people were trying to get a good look at Dany's eyes to see whether she matches up with another foreboding prophesy...

No matter what happens in the series finale, Arya's horse will live on in our hearts as the real star of the show.