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New Eminem Song Lyric Making Light Of Manchester Bombing Has Ariana Grande Fans Furious

Eminem just dropped a surprise 2020 album and—huge surprise here—some people are offended by his lyrics.

This time, it's Ariana Grande fans.


Because one of his song features a line referencing the Manchester Arena bombing which occurred during an Ariana concert.

Grande fans were NOT fans of Eminem's disrespect.

Many Eminem fans, however, felt that his new lyrics were pretty much par for the course.

Eminem did do his part to help the victims of the Manchester bombing back when it happened.

But many still felt Eminem's burn had gone a step too far.

The occasional Twitter user called out Ariana fans for hypocrisy.

Then again, just because Eminem's behavior is consistent doesn't mean it's good.

The argument rages on endlessly.

At the end of the day, Eminem is probably grateful to Ariana fans everywhere for spreading the word about his new album free of charge.