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People Are Complaining About A Design Flaw In The New Apple Wireless Mouse--And We Totally Get It


Apple is known for their innovative technology and for setting many precedents as an industry game-changer.

Unfortunately, the Cupertino, California–based tech company overlooked a very simple design flaw after releasing their wireless multi-touch mouse.

And consumers are not cool with it.

Users are forced to re-charge the mouse by plugging the cable into the underside of the device, rendering the product useless until it's fully charged.

The rage is real.

Not all hope is lost. Battery-half-full users still praised Apple by pointing out the device's impressive power mileage.

This laid back user chastised the whiners about their petty gripe.

People still complained about the mouse's aesthetic.

This solution works for some people.

Apple, you may excel with your other hi-tech gadgetry, but this particular product just doesn't seem to click.

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