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AOC Drags Chart Showing How Families Making $350k A Year Are 'Struggling' To Get By

AOC Drags Chart Showing How Families Making $350k A Year Are 'Struggling' To Get By

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According to Sam Dogen of the Financial Samurai blog, $350,000 salary is barely enough for a family to live comfortably in coastal cities like New York and San Francisco.

In response to the audacious claim, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called B.S.

The 29-year-old congresswoman and champion for the working class took to Twitter and shot Dogen down.

"Struggling" with what? Math?"

Dogen wrote in a CNBC post:

"You can certainly live a middle-class lifestyle earning less, but it won't be easy if your goal is to raise a family, save for your children's education, save for your own home and save for retirement (so you can actually retire by a reasonable age)."

He outlined a budget of expenses based on a family of four in a graph shared by MarketWatch.

Here is a better look at Dogen's illustration of the expenses to which he claimed were vetted by Financial Samurai readers who raise their families in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco.


Dogen added that in addition to accounting for unexpected expenses and monthly bills, the couple would have to continue working past their retirement age because they are not building an after-tax investment portfolio.

"Unfortunately, despite making $350,000 a year, this couple will be unable to retire before 60 because they aren't building an after-tax investment portfolio to generate passive income."
"In order for this couple to achieve financial independence, they need to accumulate a net worth equal to at least 25 times their annual expenses — or 20 times their annual gross income."

He said it would behoove couples wanting to hit their FIRE goal (financial independence, retire early) and living comfortably to move to more affordable areas, eating at home more often, and limiting vacation plans.

Many joined AOC's swipe at Dogen's laughable assertion that $350,000 is a paltry sum for a family to survive on and agreed that the term, "struggling," does not apply here.

The luxury of having options isn't available to everyone.

What are the spending habits of these "struggling" couples?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The U.S. Census Bureau states that the median household family income is $57,782, with San Francisco and New York City showing income at $96,265 and $79,781, respectively.

Does an income of $350,000 being classified as families that are "struggling" to live add up for you?

The book How to Make a Budget Work For You: A 31 Day Guide to creating a personal budget that fits your lifestyle, income and finances is available here. Sorry, don't spend $400 every month at Old Navy is probably not part of the advice.


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