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AOC Just Rang In Christmas By Eating An Incredibly Spicy Chip—And Her Reaction Says It All

AOC Just Rang In Christmas By Eating An Incredibly Spicy Chip—And Her Reaction Says It All

AOC rang in the Christmas holiday in a spicy way and shared the results on social media.

Progressive Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York—often referred to by her initials "AOC"—streamed herself celebrating Christmas Day on Instagram Live by taking part in the "One Chip Challenge."

The One Chip Challenge is comprised of the participant eating one single, incredibly spicy chip and seeing how long they can go without eating or drinking in order to soothe the burn.

Watch the video here:

At the start of the video, AOC wished everyone a Merry Christmas before saying she was going to "do something a little crazy."

She said:

“So I open my stocking and this was in my stocking—a spicy One Chip Challenge."

She read the packaging of the chip, which read cCarolina pepper and Scorpion pepper chip.”

She then went on to admit:

“I’m already scared...this is scary."
"First of all can we talk about how this is shaped like a coffin? Like I’m in trouble."

She then laughed and read a viewer comment saying:

"Someone said you have to prove your decision-making skills by bailing now.”

AOC then assured her viewers she came prepared for the challenge.

“I have oat milk, like a proper millennial I guess, I have some bubble water. I’m really scared y’all, I don’t know how bad this is."

She then unwrapped the chip from the packaging and was taken aback by the chip's appearance.

She said:

"It’s black! This chip is actually black—OK I apologize in advance if when I eat this I suddenly log off because this gonna be really bad.”

AOC then took the bold step of smelling the chip—a brave feat indeed.

After smelling the chip, she coughed. Her French bulldog, Deco, then began barking.

AOC laughed and said:

“Deco is trying to save me from myself right now, that’s why he’s barking.”

She continued:

“Oh Lord, I need everyone to say a prayer for me. Put some virtual hands on me."

After eating the chip, she began to feel the heat.

She said:

"Okay, the heat is coming through."
"Oh my god y’all! Y’ALL!”

She then started using her hands to fan her mouth and said:

“OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! Lion’s breath... this is really hot. My ears feel hot."

Then, AOC's boyfriend, Riley Roberts, said:

“You got this you’re fine, it’s fine, I’ve seen you eat hot food before it’s fine."

A minute and a half into the challenge, AOC conceded.

She said:

“Ok bye y’all, I gotta say bye."
“Alright bye y’all, Happy Christmas!"

Twitter users are rolling over the video.

Needless to say, it's doubtful AOC will ask for another One Chip Challenge for Christmas next year.