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Anti-Masker Dramatically Urges Fellow Costco Customers To Join his Crusade—It Did Not Go Well

Anti-Masker Dramatically Urges Fellow Costco Customers To Join his Crusade—It Did Not Go Well

As the United States finally seems to be making headway in the struggle against the pandemic, the anti-mask contingent seems ever more dedicated to knee-capping that progress.

It's almost like they WANT the pandemic to continue for some reason. Case in point: A TikToker who filmed himself trying to incite an anti-mask revolution in a Costco.

But his wannabe Braveheart moment was a total flop.

The crowd quickly turned on him and he was escorted out.

The TikToker, who calls himself ThaMagaman and whose bio reads "Jesus, Maganation, Raidernation," filmed the incident after Costco employees asked him to leave for being unmasked, as shown in another video.

The man gave a long and meandering speech about tyranny to his fellow Costco shoppers, who were having absolutely none of it.

Yelling into the crowd like some kind of wannabe Julius Caesar, ThaMagaman said:

"Is anybody tired of this tyranny?"

His fellow shoppers had a resounding, one-word reply:


The man's sarcastic accusation that his fellow shoppers "love tyranny," didn't work either.

It was met with shouts of "Get out!" Luckily, ThaMagaman had prepared for this eventuality.

He was ready with a searing counterargument:


Take THAT, lemmings willing to wear a piece of fabric over their faces in order to not catch a disease that has killed millions of people worldwide in just over a year.

ThaMagaman then pivoted to a common conspiracy-tinged belief among anti-maskers—mask mandates and lockdowns are precursors to some sort of imminent totalitarian takeover on the part of government.

The federal government as well as state and local governments across the country have been doing the opposite of this by loosening restrictions as vaccination numbers rise and pandemic case and death tolls decline.

But ThaMagaman seemed unaware of this. Instead, he took one last stand and resorted to one of the Trump-loving Right's most cherished principles—toxic masculinity.

He began decrying the fact that no big strong men were lining up to join him.

"Where's the men at? Where's the freaking men at that will stand for your liberty? Where's the men that will stand for liberty once again? Liberty comes with a mask? Please."

ThaMagaman's fellow TikTokers were no more impressed by his speech than his fellow shoppers and roasted him to a crisp.











In one of many follow-up videos, ThaMagaman claims he has been "canceled"—that is, fired—from his job because of his Costco stunt.

He is now using his viral moment to promote his new "clothing line for patriots."