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Twitter Honors 18th Anniversary Of Dave Matthews Bus Dumping 800lbs Of Poop On Passenger Cruise

Twitter Honors 18th Anniversary Of Dave Matthews Bus Dumping 800lbs Of Poop On Passenger Cruise
Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

In the furor over the FBI search of former Republican President Donald Trump's house, it's easy to forget August 8 was already a vitally important watershed in American history that will live on in infamy.

For it is the day Dave Matthews' tour bus dumped 800 lbs of human poop on a bridge over the Chicago River at the very moment a tourist laden passenger cruise passed underneath.

The poop didn't stay on the bridge.

Yes, Monday was the 18th anniversary of that monumentous day, which should frankly be a national holiday of remembrance.

Naturally Twitter had quite a time celebrating this milestone.

In case you've forgotten, it went down like this.

As one of Dave Matthews Band's tour buses passed over Chicago's Kinzie Street Bridge, driver Stefan Wohl decided to dump the bus' septic tank through the bridge's grating and into the river below.

Unfortunately for a gaggle of more than 100 tourists and architecture enthusiasts on one of Chicago's celebrated river cruises, Wohl decided to do so just as they were passing beneath, drenching them in 800 pounds of human waste.

Everyone has that one sh*tty vacation story, but... wow.

Wohl initially denied the incident, but a forensic investigation using nearby security cameras flushed any plausible deniability down the toilet—or onto the heads of innocent tourists on a boat cruise, as it were.

Wohl pleaded guilty and was sentenced to fines, 18 months probation and 150 hours of community service.

Matthews and the band, who vigorously defended Wohl until it became clear he was as full of sh*t as the tourists onto whom he dumped 800 lbs of excrement, apologized and donated $50,000 to the Chicago Park District and Friends of the Chicago River.

Which is very kind of them. But not so kind that the incident's legacy doesn't endure all these years later.

And so, naturally, Twitter marked the anniversary with a sh*tload of ridiculous commentary.

This of course means we have just two years to come up with something really special for the 20th Anniversary of the Dave Matthews Band Chicago River incident.

Start planning now!