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Failed GOP Candidate Sues FEC For Not Investigating Why Twitter Didn't Verify Her Account

David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

Republican Anna Paulina Luna lost her 2020 election to Florida Democrat Charlie Crist last November.

After losing Luna, like many other Republicans, claimed with no evidence the game was rigged against her.

Luna filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission (FEC) because Twitter never gave her a "verified" blue checkmark and she believes the federal agency should have intervened on her behalf.

To be fair to Luna, Twitter had pledged to verify candidate's accounts after they won their primaries and did verify her opponent's account.

That having been said, Twitter is a privately owned company with no obligation to verify anyone.

Republicans are supporters of the "free enterprise" system when they aren't the ones being affected negatively by companies' choices.

Luna, who plans to run for Congress again in 2022, has been trying to portray herself as a fighter.

But to many online she seemed more like a whiner.

Many on Twitter asked a more obvious question.

If Luna was angry at Twitter for their lack of verification, why was she suing the FEC?

Wouldn't suing Twitter make more sense (relatively speaking)?

People online had trouble believing a blue checkmark made the difference between a win and a loss in a congressional election.

Others were skeptical Luna's lawsuit would go anywhere even if she had been treated unfairly.

Luna's lawsuit continues to reflect the modern Republican mindset.

There are only two kinds of elections. The ones they win and the ones that are rigged.