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Man's Last-Minute Flight To Mexico For The Miles Lands Him In Jail With A New 'Crush' From Africa In Wild Tale

Producer Andrew Kimmel recently took a quick trip to Mexico in order to retain his Executive Platinum status with American Airlines.

Though the flight was supposed to be a quick there-and-back with no complications, the trip quickly spiraled out of control and, before long, Kimmel wasn't even sure if he'd be able to return to America.

He detailed the entire story in a viral Twitter thread.

*Warning: Andrew's story contains offensive language*

Kimmel's trip began going downhill when he visited a local bar.

Kimmel was actually getting himself mixed up in a surprisingly complex conspiracy.

From jail, Kimmel was left to wonder what would happen next.

Fortunately, Kimmel was saved shortly thereafter by a guardian angel.

Yet another kind stranger helped Kimmel in his journey back to America.

Now Andrew has to somehow leave the country without a passport. It proved quite difficult.

That's when things took a...romantic turn?

Sadly, Kimmel couldn't stay and pursue his jail romance any further. He had to find a way home!

At long last, Kimmel made it home and was more than ready to celebrate a new year!

Many people wondered about the identity of Kimmel's jail crush.

But perhaps the best response came from American Airlines, who replied to his insane story with a canned response.

We're glad to have you back in America, Andrew, be careful with future trips to Cabo!

The travel misadventure film Planes, Trains & Automobiles is available here.