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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Helps Pull Motorist From Overturned Vehicle Following Crash


Drivers on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York City were stunned when Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo came to the aid of a motorist whose vehicle had flipped on its side.

After leaving an event in which Cuomo announced a massive expansion of the Pennsylvania Station subway station, Cuomo spotted the car and went to the scene.

A spokesman for Cuomo told The New York Times that the Governor was concerned the vehicle would topple further over, potentially injuring passengers.

Cuomo then assisted in cutting the driver out of his seatbelt.

Watch below.

Fortunately, there were only property damages and no human injuries.

While the governor of New York assisting at the site of a vehicular accident is an incredible sight, people were divided in their reactions.

Some praised Cuomo for jumping into the fray.

Others thought Cuomo was just in the way.

Cuomo, who operated a tow truck as a teenager, has shown up to vehicular mishaps before.

He's assisted cars caught in snowdrifts at least twice.

Cuomo may be good at fixing cars, but his ability to fix the New York City subway remains to be seen.

The biography of Governor Cuomo's father, Mario Cuomo, American Cicero: Mario Cuomo and the Defense of American Liberalism, is available here.