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Sorry Everyone, That Story About The Amy Poehler-Lookalike Stripper 'Squirting' At Police Isn't True

Getty Images for Global Citizen

You may have seen Amy Poehler trending on Twitter recently, have clicked on the trend, and wished you could have removed your own eyes.

Attached was a picture of a woman who looked astoundingly like Poehler and a shocking headline:

"Miami Stripper Arrested for Squirting Vaginal Fluids at Police Officers in Self Defense."

As "wild and fun" as that idea would have been, closer examination of the photo and the headline brings us to a source that ultimately confirms it as fake.

The "article" was originally run by the World Daily News Report, a satire of news media with the tagline "where facts don't matter."

This false news story has circulated quite a bit over the last year, with the Amy Poehler look-alike woman at the forefont.

But apparently, that resemblance is also overstated.

The photo appeared in The Smoking Gun in 2008, and it appears to have been altered since its original iteration.

But just because the photo and headline are faked does not mean the concept is not amusing.

Plenty of folks are joking SNL will want to get Amy Poehler on as soon as possible to address the moment.

The story is still widely circulating on Twitter, still being shared as real.

Poehler has not yet commented.