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Allison Janney Offers Refreshingly Candid Response To Why She Never Got Married And Had Kids

Allison Janney Offers Refreshingly Candid Response To Why She Never Got Married And Had Kids
Matt Sayles/A.M.P.A.S via Getty Images

Actress Allison Janney may be a leading star on the hit TV series, "Mom," but she has not experienced "the mom life" for herself and seems quite content not to.

While appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show, Janney shared some of her latest developments, including her contentment at where she is in her life, dating, and even her hairstyle and pets.

You can view the interview between Janney and Barrymore here:

Allison Janney Feels Free Not Having to Worry About Hair Color or Extensions with New

During their conversation, Barrymore inquired:

"You have put out there in the world that you are not looking to get married or have children. Is this the truth?"

Janney replied candidly:

"I think if I would have found the right guy at the right time who wanted to have kids, I probably would have with the right partner, 'cause I wasn't ever really confident that I wanted to have kids."
"I would rather regret not having kids than have kids and regret that."

Janney offered a glimpse into her happiness.

"You know, I'm OK with it."
"I really am at this time in my life getting to know who I am and what I want."
"I'd love to find, eventually find, someone to share my life with, but if it doesn't happen, I'll be just fine."

Janney also shared some other areas of her life where she was clearly more than "just fine," including her dating life and new hairstyle.

Instead of shoulder-length or longer copper-brown hair we all know Janney for, she's now rocking a short, natural, silver number. Janney said in the interview that she found it freeing to live so naturally without all the altered colors, hair extensions, and more.

Janney was also open about her current dating life, which she's keeping simple with a little virtual dating.

Janney quipped:

"My latest crush is Rip on 'Yellowstone.'"

She also talked about her dogs, all of whom were rescue dogs.

Fans fully supported Janney's thoughts during the interview.

This conversation was spurred on by the show, Mom, its impressive 7-year run, and its finale scheduled to premiere in May 2021.

Janney has gone back and forth, trying to decide whether to leave the show during its current high note or to stay until the show's bittersweet end.