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Comedian Ali Wong Witnesses The Perfect Metaphor For New Motherhood During A Trip To The Zoo

Ali Wong is already known for her stand-up comedy takes on parenthood and relationships. However, fans of the 37-year-old star of "Baby Cobra" got a delightful extra taste of her thoughts recently when she took a trip to the zoo.

In a post on Instagram, Wong showed a picture of a mother ape with the caption:

"Primates are all the same."

The camera then pans to the baby's father, who is lounging without a care in the world. She speaks over the video, saying:

"This is a perfect depiction of what new motherhood is like. She's breastfeeding her new baby, and then the dad...[Is] just being a dad."

Fans appreciated Wong speaking the unspoken truth!


Many found the father's lackadaisical attitude startlingly familiar:



If the dad ape had an Xbox, the resemblance would have been perfect.



As other pictures from Wong's Instagram show, her husband truly does love striking a pose similar to that of the father ape.

It seems like this couple has it all figured out!

Thanks for continuing to teach us what being married is all about, Ali!