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Alex Trebek Gave Reigning Champ James Holzhauer Some Major Sass On 'Jeopardy!'

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A Jeopardy! contestant underestimated host Alex Trebek's intelligence when he clarified a gambling phrase in layman's terms.

James Holzhauer is a Las Vegas sports gambler, which is something not that different from playing the popular TV trivia game show.

He wagered "two dimes" and the brief silence that followed prompted Holzhauer to explain what he meant in case the omniscient host was in the dark.

"That's $2,000," said the eager champ.

"I know," Trebek replied, in an understated tone.

"Jeopardy James" can be seen nervously chuckling to himself.

The champ should've known better.

Twitter decided Holzhauer could afford taking some cheap shots.

We all know Twitter can be a mean place, so some users suggested intense haters should reel it in.

The gambling jargon isn't something most of us speak in daily parlance, so Holzhauer wanted to make sure we were all kept in the loop.

Thanks for letting the audience know what you meant, James!

As far as his game play however, Holzhauer is winning. The 34-year-old clinched his 25th consecutive win by Wednesday's show during which he pocketed $71,885.

The Vegas gambler accumulated $1,939,027 in total prize money and is inching closer towards the $2 million barrier.

He currently ranks second in all-time Jeopardy! victories and prize money, second to Ken Jennings with an impressive 74 victories and $2,520,700 in prize winnings.

With his gameplay strategy including choosing higher-value clues first and betting aggressively on Daily Doubles, Holzhauer could close the gap with 10 more victories and pass Jennings' money mark.

Mock him for his nervous energy, if you must, but he's laughing all the way to the bank. And that's something we can bet on.

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