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Al Roker Rips Concerned Viewers Who Think He's 'Too Old' To Cover Hurricane Ida Live: 'Screw You!'

Al Roker Rips Concerned Viewers Who Think He's 'Too Old' To Cover Hurricane Ida Live: 'Screw You!'

Extreme weather hit the United States as Hurricane Ida barreled across cities like New Orleans, Louisiana leaving many without power and rescue teams scrambling to get people safely out of their homes.

NBC's weatherman Al Roker took to the streets as he always has, standing in gushing waves off the New Orleans coast with strong winds blowing his windbreaker.

It turns out, Roker has been paying attention to his Twitter mentions lately. Many people commented it might be too dangerous for him to be out there citing his age—67.

But Roker was ready to come for anyone saying he was too old to be out reporting on the storm.

In a clip from The Sunday Show, Jonathan Capehart spoke to Roker who decided he needed to address the Twitter mob.

"Folks on Twitter were, 'first of all, why is NBC putting him out there?' I volunteered to come out here. This is what I do."
"I've done this for 40 years …"
"We all make sure we're safe. We're not going to do something that puts ourselves in harm's way."

He then called out the people saying he's "too old" to be reporting from in the field.

To those people he said:

"Well, hey, guess what? Screw you, okay?"
"Try to keep up. Keep up, okay?"
"These young punks. I will come after them. I will drop them like a bag of dirt."

People are eating it up.

Not everyone felt the same though.

The criticism was less about his age and more about the danger he put himself in when the city was evacuating.

Roker did give an update tweet with a video of his boots being emptied of water into the hotel bathroom tub.

He shared he and his crew were safe and sound in their hotel and he certainly is not too old.