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A Cat Named Remy Who Lives At Harvard Law School Is Melting Hearts All Over Twitter 😻

A recent photo of an orange tomcat walking down the hall at Harvard Law School shared by Professor Annette Gordon-Reed (@agordonreed on Twitter) has Twitter saying a collective "Aww."

It turns out the cat is named Remy, and he is a pretty frequent visitor to the university.

In an interview with The Harvard Gazette Remy's owner Sarah Watton, who is a resident of Cambridge, shared:

"He has been in student dorms, at parties, attended lectures, and taken photos with tourists in Harvard Yard."

Remy is a pretty popular fixture at Harvard, even having his own Facebook Page. It was through this Facebook Page that Watton learned exactly how much of the Harvard campus Remy had covered and how many people he had met.

"Little did I know how far his visits spread across campus. Occasionally I'm reminded by Law School, STEM, and museum friends of Remy that he's not just a humanities cat. I suppose now I'd probably be more inclined to call him 'Remy the Interdisciplinary Cat.'"

When Professor Gordon-Reed shared her photo on Twitter, many of the others whose lives Remy has touched shared photos as well.

He's a pretty popular feline!

Some even thought that Remy lived on campus, he's there so much!

Several users cited the benefits of being a cat at Harvard.

Many recalled memories of Remy visiting them on campus.

Even those who haven't met Remy can still appreciate him!

Despite not actually living there, it seems like Remy is going to remain a fixture at Harvard Law School and across campus.