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Texas Man Finds 45 Rattlesnakes Living Under His House

Texas Man Finds 45 Rattlesnakes Living Under His House

When a Texas homeowner's cable went out during a windy day, he crawled under the house to try and fix things up.

To his immense surprise, he saw a few rattlesnakes living beneath his home and decided to all a snake removal service to bring them out.

When the snake removal service went under the house, however, they discovered the issue was far larger than the homeowner had imagined.

Big Country Snake Removal responded to the scene and pulled no less than 45 rattlesnakes from beneath the house! Don't believe them?

Fortunately, they captured the entire capture on video:

The company noted in their Facebook post that the homeowner's property was well-maintained, but the didn't stop an infestation from taking hold:

The interesting thing here was they only see a few each year, their yard was very well kept and their house was nice and clean.... My point is, we run into this scenario often, and people don't think it can happen to them. As I stated in the teaser video, rattlesnakes don't care how nice your house is or what kind car you drive- they care simply about survival.

Twitter had some strong feelings about 45 snakes living under a house:

Burning the house down seemed like a viable option in many's minds.

Why can't anyone ever find 45 adorable bunnies living beneath their house?

Many people on social media thought they might have been better off never seeing the footage at all.

This homeowner was mere feet away from life-threatening danger and he didn't even know it!

At least there's one problem the people who live here won't have to worry about...

The snakes under this house outnumber the people inside...

Welcome to Rattlesnake World, everyone. Earth belongs to them now.