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31-Year-Old Guy Gets Shut Down After Trying To Flirt With A Bunch of 19-Year-Olds And Complaining About How They Rejected Him

Hybrid Images via Getty Images, @redditships/Twitter, @violasmart4/Twitter

This just in: men are totally the worst.

In a now-deleted Reddit post, a 31-year-old man complained to the general public that 19-year-old girls were rejecting him. The public was not having any of it.

Though the original post has been deleted, @redditships has managed to preserve it for the general public:




Twitter had some feelings about this. Some rather strong ones, in fact:

Most people agree that the man was being extremely disrespectful.

It turns out the girls actually replied, on Reddit, on a different forum.




"I'm tired of having to be polite to guys who are creepy and disrespectful."

The story from the girls' point of view really relates some things that the man chose not to convey, such as sticking around in the booth with the girls, not leaving after several hints, and acting like he was entitled to their time and attention.

Not to mention that it happened at a family restaurant.

Even the cake was a clear signal to "please, go away."

Men seem to be obsessed with barely legal girls.

If you were in this situation, wouldn't you be annoyed that somebody who seems to have an ulterior motive was intruding on your birthday party?

But most agree that the girls handled themselves perfectly respectably, given the circumstances.

We stan. No more being polite to creeps, not ever. We're done.