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YouTuber Hit With Backlash After Saying She 'Beat' Her 2-Year-Old Daughter For Ruining Some Makeup Palettes

YouTuber Hit With Backlash After Saying She 'Beat' Her 2-Year-Old Daughter For Ruining Some Makeup Palettes

Children are extremely curious and exploratory by nature, which can be frustrating to parents who think they've already baby-proofed their home properly. The frustration is understandable, and all parents have felt it.

But when a YouTube personality openly admits to beating her toddler for getting into items she shouldn't, that's a cause for red flags.

23-year-old YouTube vlogger Michelle Grace is facing significant backlash on YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms after she vented on video about beating her two-year-old for playing in her makeup and her toddler's desire to get under her skin.

At the beginning of the video, a child can be heard wailing off-camera. Grace sits for a moment, pouting and visibly angry, before she points her attention to her crying toddler.

Grace then explains:

"My two-year-old just got her a** beat, because no matter how many times I tell her not to mess with my makeup, she never f**king listens."

Grace attempted to justify her actions throughout the ten-minute video, claiming to have gone to great lengths to keep her toddler out of her expensive makeup.

Although some questioned how her child was able to play with easily accessible ranch dressing around the make-up in question.

Grace, however, insisted that her daughter was in the wrong for doing something she had been told not to do, and explained why these makeup palettes were so important to her.

Grace reflected:

"When you work your butt off for something, and you save up to buy something, it's literally like a child. You treat it like a child."

Her phrasing again got her in trouble here, as countless YouTubers and viewers pointed out her valuing of makeup over the well-being of her own child.

Grace has since removed the video from her channel, but not before multiple bigger YouTube personalities grabbed snippets and copies of the whole video to post to their own channels.

One YouTuber, Lauren Edson, shared the ten-minute video, with her own two-minute video intro, speaking out against child abuse and highlighting the important role of Child Protective Services.

Other personalities, including Geetzemany Nevarez and The Rewired Soul, also expressed their concerns about Grace's parenting choices and mental health.

You can watch the video from Edson here:

Countless other viewers of the original video and the reposts have chimed in with their own feelings about Grace's actions.

Though a few people have mentioned they were spanked as children, or parents who claim to still spank their children now, their views were heavily outweighed by those in favor of positive parenting techniques.

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Hopefully Michelle Grace will take a moment to read some of the many comments pouring in over her behavior and her child's well-being.

Whether she will learn from any of it is unclear, but most would agree, her priorities are a little out of whack.