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Ye Hit With Swift Backlash After New Music Video Features Him Burying Pete Davidson Alive

Ye Hit With Swift Backlash After New Music Video Features Him Burying Pete Davidson Alive
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images; Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Rapper Ye released a new music video yesterday and is already facing backlash for its contents. The video, titled "Eazy", is a collaboration with The Game.

In one scene, Ye buries alive an animated version of Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson.

Davidson is dating West's now-ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

Lyrics mentioning Davidson by name playded over the above-mentioned scene in the video, which depicts Ye dragging the comedian with a bag over his head. The video then shows Ye burying him in the ground, removing the bag and sprinkling seeds over Davidson's head.

The three and a half minute video also often cuts to a masked figure holding a decapitated head and ends with plants growing out of the animated head buried in the ground.

Many felt it was clear the video was directed at Davidson, with the closing credits reading:


The video was released just a few hours after a court issued a judgement determining Kardashian to be legally single as her divorce from West continues to be finalized.

The video's violent imagery and language is not sitting well with some folks, especially considering Ye's recent tirades and harassment towards Kardashian and her new boyfriend.

Some people on the internet asked for Ye to get help and fast.

Others are not convinced the rapper's mental illness, while valid, can excuse this kind of threatening behavior.

Many more are concerned this continued behavior is dangerous to the health and safety of his ex, Kim Kardashian.

One user wanted to know who even let this video be released.

There are some fans still stanning the video.

Regardless of how people responded to the video, it's clear "Eazy" has made an impact and people are talking about it.

Davidson nor Kardashian have responded yet.

Here's hoping there is a peaceful resolution in the future for all of them.