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Group Of Female Trump Supporters Singing About How 'Real Women Vote For Trump' Is Getting Trolled With Fake Band Names

Deplorables Choir/YouTube; @BlackJohnRoss/Twitter

The Deplorables Choir—a trio of women in MAGA hats that ask people on YouTube to send them money via PayPal so they can "ROCK" the entertainment industry—just released their latest song.

"Real Women Vote For Trump" is a feast for the senses, full of intelligent lyrical phrases and sweeping melodies.

Just kidding.

It's about as good as one might expect.

It features a laundry list of things the Deplorables don't care if you are, like:

Deplorables Choir/YouTube


Deplorables Choir/YouTube

From there the song goes into a chorus letting us all know that any woman who did not vote Trump was a replicant.

Or something.

Cyborgs? Pod people? Three raccoons in a trench coat? Who knows?

Anyway, the actual human type female persons...

Deplorables Choir/YouTube

...voted for Trump...

Deplorables Choir/YouTube

...because they dislike things like equal pay and making decisions about their own body.

Based on the strength of their latest effort, people online felt the Deplorables Choir needed a little rebranding. Choir usually implies more than one singer with two backup head bobbers on the chorus.

So the call was made to find them a new name.

Ask, and ye shall receive!









Beyonce' would probably rather not be associated with this mess. Giphy






No word on what name Deplorables will choose, but they've got hundreds to pick from.

As for their latest musical effort, it finished on a high with the declaration...

Deplorables Choir/YouTube

...and proof they can HABLA ESPANOL...

Deplorables Choir/YouTube


Deplorables Choir/YouTube

Well, that explains a lot.

You can celebrate the accomplishments of the Trump presidency with this shirt, available here in a variety of sizes and colors for men and women.


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