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Woman's Tinder Message Notifications Have A 'Friends' Twist—And We're All About It 😂

NBC, Twitter: @TheDreamGhoul

A woman fed up with the drudgery of dating apps put a Friends spin on her Tinder notifications, and, not gonna lie, it makes so much sense.

Twitter user @TheDreamGhoul "got super drunk with my sister a couple weeks ago and downloaded Tinder Gold," a paid version of the popular dating app that allows users to see who has liked them without having to swipe through endless profiles.

She said not having to "swipe on a million people" was convenient but "paying for an app like Tinder" is still lame.

So she labeled guys who were interested in her as Ross and Chandler from Friends, because the two men both shared interest in the same woman. Twice.

It's not like anyone speaks to each other on Tinder anyway.

Ghoul Nurse also shared a reminder that there are four claps in the opening theme.

But Ghoul Nurse likes to keep her options open, and gave Twitter users a chance to court her directly.

You should vote, for science.

Further channeling the reality of online dating, Ghoul Nurse joked that "you don't have to be attractive to date me."

She stoked the hopes of those looking for love.

"Sup then?" I feel you bro.

Though there was a little desperation out there too.

Ghoul Nurse's tweet even scored the number one spot on The Mirror's "20 Hilarious Memes That Every Tinder User Will Relate To," which was published on Monday.

The online dating struggle is real, people…