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Woman Mortified After Her Attempt At Flirting With Her 'Cute Landlord' Goes Down In Flames

Woman Mortified After Her Attempt At Flirting With Her 'Cute Landlord' Goes Down In Flames

A TikTok is going viral after one user posted a video showing her followers her failed attempt to make a move on her landlord and TikTokers can't stop laughing.

Comedic TikToker @penny_mcnatt, better known in real life as Penny, shared with her 20,200 TikTok followers the text exchange she had with her landlord.

The attempt to hit on the landlord via text message was rather unsuccessful.

Penny reached out to him under the guise of needing her kitchen faucet to be checked since it was "acting up again."


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Viewers were stuck between laughing and cringing in sympathy.



The 33-second video began with Penny on screen with text overlay reading:

"How flirting a little w my cute landlord went."

Next were the messages sent between the two with Penny starting the conversation by saying:

"hey, my faucet in the kitchen is acting up again."

To which the landlord dutifully replied:

"Ok.. Can you send me pic of it.. Might need to be replaced."

The image Penny sent, seemingly to show the landlord the alleged issue also included a cameo appearance of Penny herself, sporting a wide grin as she tried to make a good impression on her "cute landlord."




Since being posted just two days ago, the TikTok has brought in over three million views, generated 240,000 likes and 3,300 comments.

Penny's artful selfie fell upon unseeing eyes as her landlord replied:

"Can you send a close up pic please."

In response to his request, Penny took things a step further by sending a close up picture of herself rather than the malfunctioning faucet.



The landlord's disappointing response to the up close and personal selfie was a simple reply of:

"Of the faucet not you."

Trying to play it cool, Penny tried to sweep the awkwardness under the rug and responded with:

"oh yeah, my bad."



Hopefully the damaged faucet was fixed to make up for Penny's damaged ego.