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Woman Pranks Guys Into Believing Women Peel Off Their Skin After Their Periods


The amount some men misunderstand about women's bodies is so absurd it borders on comical, as one TikTok woman absolutely capitalized on with a hilarious prank.

Dakota Fink uploaded the TikTok where she peeled away a face mask and pretended it was her molting her skin after having her period.

The best part?

Men who watched the TikTok most DEFINITELY fell for it.

And better still?

More women came onto the thread to add to the prank, thereby ensuring men will go on to believe women do, indeed, shed like snakes after every menstrual cycle.

For the record, men—sometimes people's skin DOES peel, including women's, but it is hardly ever as a result of their period.

Periods are perfectly normal parts of reproductive health, and they don't result in something like molting. If they did, partners probably would have noticed something going on with the women in their lives decades ago, and we wouldn't be learning about this through a TikTok video.

We gotta give it to Dakota Fink, though—she really got everybody in on a massive joke, with over 15 million views. She exposed just how easy it is for men to fall for lies about female reproductive cycles.

Some politicians would do well to pay attention to that last part.