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Woman Furious After Her Own Husband Calls Her A 'Karen' Over A Pharmacy Mix-Up

Woman Furious After Her Own Husband Calls Her A 'Karen' Over A Pharmacy Mix-Up
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White women have been using this time on lockdown to push back against what they are calling the "K-slur," or "Karen."

the name has become a popular catch-all name for white women who behave like privileged monsters in customer service or retail situations.

But calling them "Karen," many of us who have worked in customer service are arguing, is being nice. The word we really want to say is "a**hole."

So it's fitting that one such potential Karen went on Reddit's popular forum "Am I The A**hole?" or "AITA" in order to ascertain whether or not she was being a Karen.

Redditor Aebhal asked the forum:

"AITA for being mad about being called a Karen?"

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She began with a necessary trip to the pharmacy.

"So I've been feeling terrible lately. Severe heartburn that feels like I'm burping acid, nausea the lasts all day, lower back pain, headaches, etc. Before you ask, no, I'm not pregnant. This has been going on for about a week."
"Can't get in to see the Dr til next week, but they think I have an ulcer so they sent in nausea meds and something for the heartburn to help until I can get checked out."

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Her husband went to go get her medication, but encountered several unexpected hurdles along the way:

"My husband volunteered to go get it. For which I'm grateful. He gets there and they tell him they are out of the medicine. The girl does a search on the computer to find the closest pharmacy that has the meds in stock. Apparently it says they have it so she does some 'computer magic' and gets the script filled."

Stressfully, her phone was receiving constant updates while these setbacks were navigated, only to find that they were not fully addressed.

"I'm getting text updates while all this is going on. First it says 'your script Pantoprazole is being processed' then it says 'your script for Pantoprazole is out of stock and being ordered' THEN it says 'your script for Pravachol has been filled' so when my husband gets home I check the medication."
"Sure enough, wrong medicine. I say something and hubby tells me to just take it as it's what was prescribed. I tell him it's wrong. So I call pharmacy and they have no clue how it happened."

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After a lengthy phone back and forth with her doctor, and finding out that this incorrect medication may have sent her to the ER, the Original Poster's (OP's) husband had some nasty words for her:

"I get off the phone and hubby asks if I'm 'done being a Karen yet' I tried to explain to him why I was upset and he just rolled his eyes and said 'whatever Karen' I got pissed and ended up yelling at him."
"He gets mad about that and says I should've known he was joking and calls me a dick. He says stuff like this all the time and calls me a hypochondriac among other things."
"Most conversations tend to end up with it all being my fault for 'not being able to take a joke'."

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OP is left with a single burning question.

"Am I a Karen?"

Luckily, in this case, most of Reddit was of the mind that the spirit of Karen was not a presence.

The Redditors ascertained where guilt belongs by declaring:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
  • YTA - You're The A**hole
  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH - No A**holes Here
"NTA. Pharmacist here. You have every right to question your medications and just as well that you did. I hope the pharmacist apologised profusely for this error. Unfortunately we are not immune to making them but that doesn't mean it should happen. Your husband doesn't seem to know what a Karen is."~jadez7789
"NTA. Karen behavior is asking to see manager because the cashier wont take your expired coupon. It's not making sure you're taking the correct medication so you don't die. If he's been telling you for year that you can't take a joke then maybe his jokes are the problem. What an ah."~SailorSpoon11

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"NTA and not a Karen. I would also be concerned if your husband can't comprehend/differentiate prescription medicine. Today was for you, tomorrow could be for your children. Also, I hope the Pharmacist apologized profusely. Mix ups with medication can be fatal."~General_Tsao
"NTA. Being a 'Karen' is complaining about something that is impossible to control (the long lines at Disneyworld) or being unnecessarily mean to a service worker. Calling to ensure you have the right medication is not being a Karen. Also, while I think women (and men, for that matter) are totally capable of being Karen's, this is an example of how women are referred to that way as a way of invalidating their feelings. We can't be rightfully upset, we have to be hysterical or shrill. It's your health, you should make sure that you have the right medication."~terrible-aardvark

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Karen behavior is usually reserved for something not life threatening.

"I read this thinking I was gonna read an actual Karen type lady upset about being called Karen. I was wrong. NTA and your husband sucks."~Simpqueen
"NTA. He's being straight out mean. Just because you're married with kids doesn't mean you have to stay with him. You have every right to be upset if you're given something that could interact with prescriptions you're already on. That's a legit reason to complain."~Roses-Poppies-Cotton

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"You're not a karen!!! That whole situation is scary and your husband can't understand your anxiety over that (i can be a hypochondriac at times) then he's a dick. Medical issues are very serious and you were not in the wrong in any way, shape, or form for the way you reacted to almost taking the wrong medication."-zinthos48
"NTA- You were being responsible and advocating for your own health. Your husband wanted you to shut up and take the wrong medicine even though it could have resulted in your death Wow. Prescription errors are nothing to joke about. He'd rather see you in the ER than question a 'professional'?"-Lordica

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Redditors agreed Karen is not a catch-all for women being assertive.

It is reserved for a specific type of privilege coming into play.

And perhaps for a certain kind of haircut.

But it is not an excuse to gaslight women.

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