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Woman Calls Florida Walmart Employees A 'Cult' After They Kick Her Out For Refusing To Wear Face Mask

Woman Calls Florida Walmart Employees A 'Cult' After They Kick Her Out For Refusing To Wear Face Mask

Last Sunday while shopping at Walmart, a woman was asked to leave the store when she refused to wear a face mask.

The store is located on Red Bug Lake Road in Seminole County in Central Florida, where a mandate is in place that widely requires the use of face masks.

The mandate states:

"People working, living, visiting or doing business in Seminole County will be required to wear a face covering consistent with CDC guidelines while at all businesses, places of assembly and other places open to the public."

When the woman, who remains anonymous, appeared at Walmart, she was asked by multiple employees to put a mask on.

She refused and was then escorted to the parking lot by a store manager.

Another woman, who was walking into the store, stopped and began recording when she saw the altercation taking place.

In the video, the woman began cussing at the store manager from her place in the parking lot, calling Walmart's employees "cult members" for asking her to wear a mask.

The woman said:

"You guys are a f**king cult! Never! I'm not wearing a mask! F**k you!"

As the woman begins walking away, presumably employees can be heard laughing over what had just transpired.

You can watch the video here:

The video has gone viral on Twitter, with many offering their opinions.

Some are challenging the woman's understanding of "freedom" and "liberty" when she wants to go out in public.

Others agreed and mentioned the possibility of being put on a ventilator.

Some also questioned the woman's use of the word "cult" and argued wearing a mask was a cult they were okay with being a part of.

Wearing a mask certainly isn't the most comfortable requirement. However, it's one small step toward not spreading germs, which means one small step toward not making a global pandemic worse.

Some find it laughable at this point when a person refuses to wear a face mask, but it's really a part of a larger issue of putting one's own comfort before the safety and health of the public.