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Illinois Librarian Is Having None Of It After Visitor Melts Down Over Being Asked To Wear A Mask

Illinois Librarian Is Having None Of It After Visitor Melts Down Over Being Asked To Wear A Mask

An elderly librarian refused to budge when an anti-masker demanded entry into an Illinois library without a mask on.

The video of the interaction was filmed by a man confronting her, and it has gone viral after the Patriot Takes Twitter page shared the clip online.

The account–which endeavors to "expose right-wing extremism"–captioned the accompanying clip with:

"Illinois librarian holds her ground as an anti-masker films himself throwing a tantrum after being asked to wear a mask."

In an attempt to shame her for doing her job, the man told the lady:

"I just want to take a video and ask why you won't let me sign up, this is your choice to do, this is serious."
"I am here, with my daughter, we just want to use the library, that we have a right to use. You guys won't let us do this because I am not putting a mask on."

The librarian informed him that wearing a facial covering was the library's policy.

In response, he countered:

"Yeah, but you can make the personal choice to say it is not a big deal. I see you have two masks on so you clearly think it's a big deal."

When the librarian stood her ground and explained they had to abide by the policy, the man disagreed and insisted she was "making the choice. Just acknowledge that."

"I will leave here but just acknowledge that you are making the choice."

Before leaving, he told her that "just following orders" was the problem with "all of this."

He urged to "really think about that. It's a shame. Seriously."

Patriot Takes shared another video in which a man walked into an Aldi grocery store to prove he can walk in without wearing a mask.

The account claimed the clip featured the same man who pestered the elderly librarian.

“I’m going to show you walking around without a mask so you can do it too!” said the guy as he filmed in selfie mode.

Social media users were able to track down the man, who was identified as, Joseph Fuscone.

This was not a huge revelation.

More sleuthing revealed he is a business owner.

It appears he has deleted his Instagram accounts, presumably after he was outed.

The Illinois Department of Public Health explained mask-wearing protocols on their website.

They stated:

"September 3, 2021, the Governor signed Executive Order 21-22 which requires all individuals over the age of 2 and who can medically tolerate a face covering to wear a face-covering when in indoor public places."

They additionally wrote:

"Public indoor places refer to indoor events, facilities, or premises in which community/persons visit or work."
"Places include but are not limited to businesses, retail establishments, office buildings, entertainment venues, hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms, lobby areas, indoor sports complexes, and other places of leisure."