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Guy Throws Epic Tantrum After Getting Arrested For Putting Anti-Biden Stickers On Gas Pumps

Guy Throws Epic Tantrum After Getting Arrested For Putting Anti-Biden Stickers On Gas Pumps
Aaron Philips/Facebook

A Lancaster, Pennsylvania man was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief after allegedly posting anti-Biden stickers on a gas pump.

The incident was filmed and posted on Facebook by a user named Aaron Philips from two different angles.

Philips posted:

"Happened today at Turkey Hill... in Lancaster, [Pennsylvania 03/31/22 at about 12:50PM."
"This guy stuck stickers on a gas pump, got yelled at by a clerk for doing so and went crazy afterwards."
"Shout out to Manor Township Police Department, East Hempfield and Manheim township for handling the situation quickly and correctly! The guy admits he stuck the stickers there, he 'chased after the camera' and got to where he is now…"
"The build up was just him yelling and flipping out at the clerk for him putting the sticker on the pump."

ABC27 identified the man in the video as 54 year old Thomas Richard Glazewski.

One video, filmed a safe distance away from the police and Glazewski, shows Glazewski cursing at the responding officers and pointing at the stickers, yelling "I did that!"

Glazewski then tries to run away, but a responding officer tackles him to the ground. Whilst on the ground, Glazewski continues to curse at and fight with the officer as he is arrested.

A second video shows the moment an arrested Glazewski is put into the police car, still screaming and cursing. It takes three officers to safely secure him inside the vehicle.

Documents obtained by ABC27 also stated a gas station employee told authorities the stickers were sprayed with a substance that makes them harder to remove.

People on Facebook were happy with how the officers handled Glazewski.

Jocelyn Marie/Facebook

Aaron Philips/Facebook

And on Twitter, people from other states shared similar stories of people putting political stickers on gas pumps.

It began a discussion about how these acts of vandalism and this man's unhinged behavior when caught are a symptom of the sad state citizens of the United States are in.

Everyone is entitled to their own political opinions, but this was not an an appropriate way to express them.

A preliminary hearing in the criminal case has been scheduled for April 26.