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Woman Perfectly Explains Why Equal Pay Makes 'No Sense' In Spot On Satire Video

Woman Perfectly Explains Why Equal Pay Makes 'No Sense' In Spot On Satire Video
@evaandheriud/Twitter // @nwalks/Twitter

Eva Victor broke the internet last month after releasing a hilarious satirical video of a woman explaining to her boyfriend why a straight pride parade is totally necessary.

Now, she's done it again, this time explaining why equal pay for the US Women's National Soccer Team (USWNT) is a bad idea.

With the USWNT winning the World Cup this past weekend, many were outraged to learn that the team—which now holds four World Cup championships—will only earn $30 million.

While that may seem like a grand sum, it's dwarfed by the $400 million prize awarded to the men's team, which hasn't ever won a World Cup. It came the closest in 1938, when the team made the semi-finals.

Though hundreds of people quite literally called for equal pay for the women's team—including Snoop Dogg in a now viral video, Eva Victor had some side-splitting reasons for why that's a bad idea.

Some of the rebuttals include:

"Basically, if we pay women and men the same amount, then we're gonna have a crisis on our hands. It's gonna be that women actually think that they are equal to men. Do you see the problem here?"
"Basically, it's sexist towards men for women to not deal with sexism. Boom, boom, boom. I'm writing a book."
"So basically a woman kicks a ball and that's a 'woman's sport,' and when a man kicks a ball, that's a sport."
The internet couldn't get enough of Victor's satire.

Some claimed that the disparity was because the men's team generates more revenue.

This was despite the women's team exceeding the revenue generated by the men's team in 2015 and remaining the larger revenue generator.

Earlier this year, the team sued US Soccer to correct the pay gap.