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Woman Calls The Cops About A Burglar In Her House Only To Find Out It Was A 'Rogue Squirrel' 🐿

Photo by De Agostini Picture Library-De Agostini-Getty Images

A frightened woman living in Harrow, London heard some loud noises. Not knowing who might be roaming around her home, she did what anyone would do: she called the police. But it wasn't what anyone thought.

When officers from the Harrow Borough Police Department arrived on the scene with lights flashing, they discovered the intruder was... a squirrel. The story may have ended there, but the department decided to tweet the information out, and now people are getting a kick out of the "rogue squirrel."

Then the story went international.

And things got really weird, really fast.


Apparently all Twitter commenters are also rogue commenters. It's nuts out there!

H/T: Huffington Post