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Will Ferrell Went Door To Door In Georgia To Drum Up Support For Stacey Abrams

Where there's a Will, there's a way.

Will Ferrell Went Door To Door In Georgia To Drum Up Support For Stacey Abrams
Credit: @Misslaneym

With the crucial 2018 midterms only days away, Americans everywhere are mobilizing to stress the urgency of showing up to the ballot box.

Many of those spreading the word are celebrities, the most recent being a comedic icon who went door-to-door to show that Americans using their voice is no laughing matter.

That celebrity was SNLalum and funny guy Will Ferrell who was spotted campaigning for Georgia gubernatorial candidate and former Congresswoman Stacey Abrams. The Georgia governor's race has been one of the most closely-watched in the nation, with Abrams just one election away from possibly becoming the first African American female governor of any state in the nation. Her Republican opponent, Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp, is a devout Trump supporter and has been accused of using his office as Secretary of State to suppress thousands of votes in majority-black Democrat communities—votes that would likely go to Abrams.

Though Kemp may be using the Secretary of State's office to give himself an unfair advantage, Will Ferrell isn't ready to let that silence his voice.

To many, the Georgia governor's race will indicate not just who the next governor of Georgia will be, but America's chances at recovering from a period of cruelty and division championed by President Donald Trump's administration.

With stakes that high, many Americans were grateful to Ferrell for doing his part.

Some were extremely excited.

It will be another week before we have a better sense of the country's ideological landscape after two years in the Trump era, but Americans everywhere should take a page from Ferrell's playbook: VOTE.

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