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White Woman Attacks Black Veteran For Allegedly Sitting Too Close To Her At Casino In Wild Video

Devon Leslie Jr. posted a video of the racist assault by a White couple at a casino in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Screenshot of couple; Devon Leslie, Jr.
Devon Leslie Jr./Facebook

A White woman attacked a Black veteran at a casino in Bossier City, Louisiana, allegedly for sitting too close to her.

Footage of the racist assault instantly went viral after the victim, Devon Leslie Jr., decided to post about the attack on social media.

In the video, a White woman was seen screaming at Leslie and attempting to kick him as he recorded. Eventually, a male approached and tries to calm the woman, but the man—sporting a "We the People" shirt—soon joined in on the assault.

The man also hurled insults and slurs at the veteran, calling him a "f**king loser" before adding:

“Stop being a little b*tch, you f**king [n-word].”

Leslie posted the video on Facebook, explaining:

“Now that I’ve had time to give it some thought I want it known about these two people!"
"This woman went off on me hit me in the face and kicked me in the back, because I sat to (sic) close to her and her boyfriend so this is how I was treated."

You can watch below.

WARNING: NSFW language

People on social media expressed their outrage over the racially-charged attack.

Many also pointed out that the male companion started to do the right thing before showing his true racist colors, as well.

Leslie also posted on Facebook that both the woman and man were arrested, but he believes more needs to be done to expose who they really are.

We're glad the couple was arrested and Leslie wasn't severely injured, but it's appalling that incidents like this are still happening.