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Melania Just Revealed The White House Christmas Decorations—Including Creepy Blood-Red Trees 😱


Now that the turkey is gone and the sales are winding down, people are turning their sights on Christmas, including First Lady Melania Trump who just unveiled the White House's 2018 Christmas decorations.

After last year's Tim Burton inspired decorations, the First Lady decided to up the ante for 2018, creating a house of horrors sure to be a nightmare before, during and after Christmas.

On Monday FLOTUS released a minute-long video showing off the decorations, which according to the First Lady follow an "American Treasure" theme, but a hallway filled with blood-red trees gave the White House much more of an American Horror Story vibe.

2018 Christmas Decorations at the White House

Along with the scarlet forest, the First Lady adorned the White House with a number of patchwork wreaths and ornaments sporting her "Be Best" slogan. Overall the decorations created a nightmarish effect even more haunting than last year's.

Twitter wasted no time sharing what they thought of the decorations.

Particularly the blood-red trees.

And many wondered about the First Lady's source of inspiration.

Knowing the Trump administration though, it's probably just that red is their favorite color.

H/T - Mashable, Huffpost

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