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Weather Channel's Viral Mixed Reality Wildfire Warning Is The Stuff Of Nightmares 😱

Weather Channel's Viral Mixed Reality Wildfire Warning Is The Stuff Of Nightmares 😱
Twitter: @AMHQ, Twitter: @JerryAscione

An impressive and incredibly daunting weather warning from The Weather Channel's AMHQ show has gone viral on Twitter.

The two-and-a-half minute clip was presented by meteorologist Stephanie Abrams, who warned of the very real danger of wildfires destroying the wilderness and threatening residents in California.

Strap in for the most apocalyptic weather report you've ever seen:

Don't worry: No animated animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Abrams explained how dry, hot conditions create the perfect scenario for wildfires to start and spread, warning that some fires can consume up to a football field every second.

The result? A frightening reality where neighborhoods look like something from a dystopian nightmare:

The video was watched and interacted with thousands of times on Twitter, with many impressed by the sort of detail that rivals many a Hollywood film:

This isn't the first time the mixed reality style has been used by weather reporters, however.

Here, the Weather Channel used the technology to illustrate the dangers of storm surges during Hurricane Florence earlier in the year:

Inside of being surrounded by a raging fire, this meteorologist was channeling her best Charlton Heston From The Ten Commandments:

You never know what could come out of that wall of water:

Scary stuff.

But hey, if it keeps meteorologists out of actual harm's way, then we're all for it:

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.