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We Can't Get Enough Of John Stamos Reading Thirsty Tweets From His Fans

We Can't Get Enough Of John Stamos Reading Thirsty Tweets From His Fans

John Stamos reading thirsty tweets out loud? Have Mercy!

The infamous actor and musician has been inspiring crushes around the world since his days as Uncle Jesse on Full House. These days, Stamos portrays a shady, sleezy psychiatrist named Dr. Nicky on the thriller series You- and yes, even at 55, this man is somehow still as gorgeous as ever.

Watch as he reads some seriously thirsty tweets about himself and reacts accordingly:

His reactions are so wholesome.

John Stamos Reads Thirst

There were countless mentions of Uncle Jesse:

But then again, would you expect anything less? Uncle Jesse was a crush that spanned across generations.

Someone even made a mention of the iconic mullet which somehow worked on him:

Has anyone else ever been able to rock a mullet and notlook ridiculous? Nope.

We all might've fantasized about those luscious locks, but Stamos cringes at his old hairstyle:

"I look at my hair and I'm like 'what was I thinking?' It's like a crow died on my head or something"

He poked fun at his former co-star and good friend, Bob Saget:

Could he be using some sort of witchcraft to stay so devilishly handsome?

Nope, he chocks it all up to his mom, and those #blessed Greek genes.

Basically a modern Greek-American god.

We, too, would like to thank Loretta Stamos for bringing such a beautiful human being into this world.

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Some fans wish they could be patients of Dr. Nicky...

Don't we all? Not according to Stamos:

"I found in my research that most therapists are more fucked up than their actual patients, and I think Dr. Nicky is."

The point of this segment is that everyone is thirsty beyond belief over Stamos:

Please feel free to excuse yourselves and chug a water bottle or four and attempt to control the thirst. We understand.

Season 2 of You will begin filming toward the end of this month, and although we haven't received an official debut date as of now, people are predicting the second season will be streaming on Netflix before 2020.

While it isn't confirmed, producers are considering weaving Dr. Nicky into Season 2. Everyone cross your fingers! We could always use more John Stamos in our lives.