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WATCH: Wrestling Referee Side Slide Walk the New Social Media Trend

WATCH: Wrestling Referee Side Slide Walk the New Social Media Trend

As winter season approaches, so does wrestling season. Very different from most other collegiate sports, wrestling is a one-on-one tussle of grappling, pulling, and pinning on the ground. It's also about strength and maneuverability. But if you think that that makes the sport unique, wait until you see the referees sliding on the mat!

Shared by student athlete @Cams_hungry2, the video shows a referee swiftly half sliding, half walking across the mat during a wrestling match.

While hilarious, many were perplexed by what they had just seen.

So when a commenter asked why the referee did that, Cam explained: "He did it so he can stay low and see if the kid was on his shoulders cause that’s a pin."

A pin is a victory point in wrestling, achieved when a wrestler holds an opponent's shoulders or shoulder blades down on the wrestling mat for a prescribed period of time.

Now we understand better!

Another wrestler admired the skill and dedication of the referee: "Easily [the best] move I’ve ever seen a ref do."

Even other wrestlers are distracted by this maneuver.

Fluffy writes: "bro one time i lost a match because i my ref was doing that and i started laughing lmaooo."

By the way, you have to respect a guy who's chill with calling himself "Fluffy."

But maybe the referee wasn't doing a good job after all?

Then Twitter did what Twitter does best.

First, someone made the referee's slide into a GIF.

Then, some music was added (turn up your audio for this).

The video even caught the attention of a producer on NBC's TODAY show.

That's cool!

Turns out there are other videos out there.

Come to think of it, have we seen this somewhere else?

Oh that's right, in entertainment wrestling... cute pet videos...

...and of course in the cartoons.

But will this catch on?

While hilarious and laugh-inducing, will this become the next meme? The next social media trend? As big as planking?

Ashley and Cole hope so.

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h/t: Twitter