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University Grads Drown Out Warner Bros. Head's Graduation Speech With Pro-Writer Chant Amid Strike

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav was booed by students and family members who later chanted 'pay your writers' at Boston University's commencement as the Writers Guild of America strike continues.

David Zaslav
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Boston University's commencement ceremony took a wild turn when students unleashed their frustrations on none other than David Zaslav, the big shot CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery.

As Zaslav stepped up to the podium, he was met with a chorus of boos and students literally turning their backs on him. So, what exactly sparked rebellion?

It all comes down to the ongoing Hollywood writers' strike and demands for fair pay and better treatment. Let's dive into this blockbuster controversy.

Zaslav's name was announced, and the crowd erupted in a symphony of disapproval. The students and their families were not holding back their true feelings.

Chants of "Pay Your Writers!" echoed throughout the arena.

It was a full-on revolt against the Hollywood honcho.

The drama didn't end there—WGA members even picketed outside the commencement venue. And wait for it...a cheeky plane circled above, carrying a banner that read, "David Zaslav — Pay Your Writers." Talk about making a statement!

The sizzling backdrop to this protest is the ongoing writers' strike orchestrated by the Writers Guild of America (WGA). For nearly three weeks now, these wordsmith warriors have been rallying for fairer pay and better regulation of AI technology.

They're tired of feeling undervalued and are demanding higher minimum pay, more writers per show, and shorter exclusive contracts. They argue that streaming's content boom has left their earning power in the shadows.

It's the first major Hollywood strike in 15 years, and the writers aren't budging until their demands are met.

Now, let's rewind and focus on Zaslav himself. It's safe to say he's not exactly the darling of the entertainment industry lately.

Ever since taking the reins at Warner Bros. Discovery, he's made some eyebrow-raising moves.

Canceling nearly finished movies, tinkering with HBO Max (soon to be just Max, if you can keep up with the name changes), and steering CNN in new and alarming directions—Zaslav has been stirring up quite the storm.

So, it's no surprise that this commencement appearance faced public backlash, especially on the same day CNN revealed its desire to cover "both sides" of divisive issues. Yikes!

The protesters wanted to shed light on the struggles faced by writers and spark a larger conversation about fairness and recognition in the entertainment world. It's time to rewrite the script and put writers in the spotlight they deserve.

The rebellion against David Zaslav at Boston University's commencement ceremony showcased the growing tensions between writers and Hollywood's heavyweights.

The protesters used their voices to demand fair pay and improved working conditions, championing the cause of the Writers Guild of America.

People everywhere are applauding the protesters for their actions.

Others had something to say about the speech itself, and just how important writers are.

The incident served as a reminder that the world of entertainment needs to give credit where credit is due. Pay those writers what they're worth and let their voices be heard loud and clear.